About Company

At ArrowGates LLC, we focus on providing practical legal solutions to everyday business needs. We have extensive corporate experience, which includes M&A, take-overs, VC, IPOs, capital/debt markets work, banking and regulatory compliance, investments, corporate restructuring and general commercial work, and general dispute resolution. The conception of ArrowGates LLC is to provide high quality legal service to start-ups, private equity, venture capital, entrepreneurs, SMEs and mid sized corporates in Singapore and beyond the shores of Singapore. We endeavour to provide competitive rates but deliver quality standards. We have networks of associate firms that we work closely with throughout ASEAN, Australia, China, India, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. We can offer a seamless service proposition as close if not better than international and large law firms. We are also highly connected with respective corporate services in common offshore jurisdictions that Asian clients are accustomed to, and also offer trust services."

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